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UPSC IAS Current Affairs

IMPORTANT NEWS  FOR UPSC 14th & 16th OCTOBER 2017  The UPSC Daily   14th & 16th October 2017 -Achievers IAS Academy Note:  The following Current affairs has been selected...

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IMPORTANT NEWS  FOR UPSC 10th OCTOBER 2017The UPSC Daily 10th OCTOBER 2017 -Achievers IAS Academy...

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IMPORTANT NEWS  FOR UPSC 6th & 7th OCTOBER 2017The UPSC Daily 6th & 7th OCTOBER 2017 -Achievers IAS Academy...

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IMPORTANT NEWS FOR UPSC 20 SEPTEMBER - 3 OCTOBER  Yashwanth sinha’s article Private investment has shrunk as never before in two decades, industrial production h...

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IMPORTANT NEWS  FOR UPSC 30 SEPTEMBER 2017The UPSC Daily 30th  SEPTEMBER 2017 -Achievers IAS Academy...

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Target UPSC 2017

IAS Explained brieflyThe Civil Services examination, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, is one of the most arduous and keenest competitions in India, involving over five lakh aspirants vying for a mere 800-1000 seats. Spread over a period of nearly a year, the preliminary, main examinations and the interview (personality test) represent the three phases of this marathon selection process. The personality test, which is the final gateway to the so-called corridors of power – to th...

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H-1 B VISA                                                                      &n...

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  ACHIEVERS IAS ACADEMY Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana(PMAY) Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), launched in June last year, a total of 12,27,088 affordable houses for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) in urban areas have so far been approved with a total central assistance commitment of Rs. 19,682 cr of which Rs.6,172 cr has been already released. Housing Scheme for All 2022 has been renam...

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ACHIEVERS IAS ACADEMY Disaster Management Asian Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR) Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk . This first Asian Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction after the advent of the Sendai Framework ,will be hosted by the Government of India in November 2016. The AMCDRR 2016 will provi...

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IAS Coaching Centers in Bengaluru

About Achievers Since the very inception, the purpose of the Institution has been solely focused on providing instruction and training on all levels for IAS Competition....Read More

Best IAS Coaching Classes in Bangalore

About Civil Service The examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. It has three stages: a preliminary exam, a main exam, and....Read More

UPSC Coaching Centre in Bangalore

IAS Course in Bangalore   IAS is the Best Career Option in India. Though it is considered to be the Toughest Examination, Positive Think....Read More

IAS Training Centers in Bangalore

Mrs. Anshu Sharma, S K Singh (Public Administration), Hon'ble Prakash H Adnur, Mrs.Priya:(From Hyderabad), Miss. DiyaSajan: (From Kerala)...
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Successful Achievers

  • Mr. Pushkar Kathuria Mr. Pushkar Kathuria
    All India Rank - 293
  • Mr. Raghunandan Murthy  (AIR- 429)Mr. Raghunandan Murthy (AIR- 429)
    Mr. Raghunandan Murthy IAS Mains (AIR- 429)
  • Mr. Mithun kumarMr. Mithun kumar
    Mr. Mithun kumar become IPS with All India Rank- 130

Achiever's IAS Academy Bangalore

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Most Reliable and Trustworthy Support

Are you seeking for best career guidance for clearing a tough exam like civil service in Bangalore? Herein, Achiever's IAS Academy offers the most reliable and trust worthy support. Though, there are numerous learning centers in the city, that gives assurance to the aspirants on account of the best education support, Achiever's IAS Academy leads as the Best IAS Coaching In Bangalore and stands ahead with a difference. The institution helps to bridge the gap between aspirants and their career goal with correct formulation of career guidance offered by the expert faculty. Achiever's IAS Academy stands ahead of other IAS coaching centers in Bangalore due to several reasons like Interactive learning program, Scheduled time table, Timely completion of the syllabus by the experts and most importantly a strongly researched study material, which offers the aspirants the effective approach to learn the important and complex concepts.

Precise Study Materials and Coaching Methodology

The Civil Service Examination vastly differs from the normal college or university type examinations as it is evident from the fact that the marks one gets is directly related to the number of answer sheets. But civil services wants the aspirant to be accurate, perfect and precise to the point. As a result, the technique for preparation should be different to suit the specific needs of this exam. So, understanding the nature, Achiever's IAS Academy emphasizes on a method which is totally in tune with the requirements. To this effect, experts have clearly analysed the IAS coaching for several years and found a correct solution to handle the exam. They have developed precise study materials and coaching methodology - which take care of the aspirants' needs. This effectively brings down the workload on the students during IAS coaching and has brought Achiever's IAS Academy, the best IAS coaching centre in Bangalore.

Civil Service Examinatin - Prelims & Mains

Achiever's IAS Academy is one among the best institutes for preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination in Bangalore. Since its inception the institute has helped several students to enter the Civil Services including IAS, IFS and IPS.The institution offers best coaching, which is completely aligned with the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) Syllabus pattern, where the questions are top standard in order to draw top candidates in the national wide competition. The institute's coaching method focus on the students interaction, where every question and answers are discussed in the classroom as a part of the syllabus - prelims and mains. So any student who participates adequately equipped to update themselves on a daily basis through intensive coaching would have sound knowledge and confidence to face the exam. Offering such strong foundation for several years, make Achiever's IAS Academy the best IAS institute in Bangalore.

Best Coaching Methodology to Crack UPSC Exam

Looking for the top IAS coaching centers in Bangalore? Join Achiever's IAS Academy - Top IAS coaching center in Bangalore. The institute employs the best methods along with top faculty have propelled the name of the centre one among the top IAS coaching centers in Bangalore. Being top IAS coaching centre in the city, Achiever's IAS Academy has the best coaching methodology to crack UPSC exam. As success never comes in a single day, it's a process involving hardwork and confidence, Achiever's IAS Academy guides the aspirants in a perfect and right way to achieve that success with all its sincere efforts. Being the best place in IAS coaching in the city, where candidates from all over the State, land to prepare for UPSC - Civil Services Examination, this premier institute is the right place to start the career in government service. Any new aspirant could find hundreds of top IAS coaching centre mushrooming in Bangalore, but the success of Achiever's IAS Academy can be determined by its reputation of previous results, strong faculty members and study course materials. All these criteria are fulfilled by Achiever's IAS Academy, who is guiding the civil service aspirants for the past several years with consistent result year after year.

Take Aspirants Close to Dream of Achieving Success

Preparing for IAS Exam requires a good knowledge of general awareness, excellent communication skills and strong determination. Not just that effective guidance from coaching centres. But for a normal candidate, we can surely say that preparation and hardwork along with the guidance of good faculty and coaching modules will alone take the aspirants close to the dream of achieving success. This is also justified by the history that south India has produced the best civil servants in the country rendering great service to the nation. There are a huge number of aspirants from State seeking best coaching for IAS, despite the fact that the city is known for Software development and IT infrastructure. Moreover, the city of Bangalore also happens to be the education hub of the State and as a new addition, civil services are one among the most sought professions in the State, and Achiever's IAS Academy has set up to guide and help them to the goals.

Understanding the Various Elements of Sociology

Over the last few years, Sociology has become a popular optional subject in Civil Services (Prelims and Mains) among the aspirants. With a tremendous scope of scoring high marks in exams, even students who do not have any knowledge in sociology can score high marks by understanding the various elements of sociology. But the subject of sociology is often considered a safer optional subject but cannot be taken lightly. Though the syllabus is shorter than other optional subjects, each topic has to be examined and studied thoroughly. But most of the students, start the subject by referring a standard book and notes. This will never be enough, until proper coaching, Achiever's IAS Academy offer all courses along with best Sociology coaching for IAS aspirants in Bangalore. Expert faculty from Achiever's IAS Academy have developed correct study materials and coaching methodology which takes care of the aspirants' needs to excel in their exams.

Best Ias Coaching in Bangalore for public administration

The subject of Public Administration requires good analytical ability, logical skills and the capacity to explain the theory and practice, thereby match normal or regular practices with the current situation. Achiever's IAS Academy offers students not just the proper guidance to learn and understand the subject but also clear their doubts at any moment. Expert faculty is known for their easy accessibility to the students and in providing logical and thoughtful analysis about the student's strengths and weakness in the subject. With the recent changes made by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in the syllabus and examination pattern, it has become extremely vital for the candidates to develop a careful approach for their preparation to excel in the exam. With the flexible, easy to approach towards learning the subject of public administration, Achiever's IAS Academy can be rated as the best IAS coaching in Bangalore for public administration.

Economics Section of IAS Prelims and Mains

Candidates are doubtful about their approach for the Economics section of IAS Prelims and Mains. But, Achiever's IAS Academy is one among the best institutes for preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination for economics in Bangalore. Ever since its inception the institute has helped many several students to enter the Civil Services including IAS, IFS and IPS. Because, Economy section of UPSC exam is often perceived as tough, because the exam is more current affairs based. Achiever's IAS Academy offers the best coaching in Bangalore for economic, where expert faculty offers coaching which is completely based on day to day affairs. Besides, the institute's coaching method is focused on the student's interaction, where every question and answers are studied and discussed in the classroom as a part of the syllabus prelims and mains. So any student who thoroughly engages himself on a regular basis through intensive coaching would have sound knowledge and confidence to face the exam.

Study Material and Expert Faculty

Right information in the right direction along with confidence and hard work develops a successful man. With the ever growing competition to reach the highest ranking government service, IAS aspirants has to face a real time challenge in getting the best coaching, which helps to succeed in civil service exam. To make these aspirants reach their goals, Achiever's IAS Academy became the academic guiding force to achieve their dreams. In due course, the academy emerged as one among the top 5 IAS coaching centres in Bangalore. The coaching centre is noted as the best dedicated IAS institute among the students and IAS study circle that offers specialized study methodology, precise knowledge, study material and expert faculty to crack the tough Civil Service Examination. Besides, Achiever's IAS Academy Coaching helps to explore many hidden and extraordinary skills hidden in an individual with the perfect guidance.